Skin Scents

Experience an elevated state of ultra-skin; clean, sensual and alluring. Your skin, but better. Luminous blends of the familiar and ambiguous. Scents created to inhabit the skin with an intentional minimalism that is comforting whilst possessing a voluminous addictive capacity. The fluid nature of Skin Scents allows them to embrace other Altra scents when layered, augmenting their complexity as they evolve along the topography of the skin.

Altra Intense

An alternative approach to intensity. A vibrant, contrasting expression of olfactory colour. Intensity emerges from the complexity of precious materials layered with maximalist textures, possessing an alluring longevity. Grounded in intimacy and constructed with elemental components that unfurl. They can be intricate and bold, yet possess a fluid and delicate presence.

Future Florals

Distilling the kinetic energy of flowers in all their vibrancy, Future Florals deconstruct perceptions of the traditional, presenting an alternative lens with which to experience florals' liquified effervescence. Transgressing archetypes, the spectrum of these scents spans from subtly balanced within a depth of greens and sensuous woods, to audacious and unapologetic floralcy.

Scent Preview Set

Experience a new world of Future Nature with our Scent Preview Set. Our three scent collections: Skin Scents, Altra Intense and Future Florals each offer elevated compositions unveiling limitless routes into nature. Includes a £30 credit towards your first full-size purchase.